Squareframe App Commits to Supporting Arts Education in Atlanta, GA

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Squareframe App Commits to Supporting Arts Education in Atlanta, GA

Searching for Grass-Roots Non-Profits in and Around Atlanta to Partner With

Stephen Smith, founder of Squareframe, an iOS app that offers convenient and affordable photo framing for Instagram images and other photos on your phone, announced that the company is committing to the advancement of arts education in public schools, and seeking programs and partnerships with existing non-profit organizations focused on this issue in the Atlanta area.

“I don’t know quite what it will look like yet, but I have decided not to reinvent the wheel by starting our own organization, and to instead invest in existing local organizations and public schools that are supporting arts education in public schools locally. I think arts, and particularly expressing creativity through art, at an early age is an extremely invaluable experience for kids, being a parent of two myself, and there’s no better place for this experience to be nurtured than in our local public schools.” Stephen said.

Squareframe is committing that a percentage of all sales will go to local organizations benefitting arts in schools and young, up-and-coming artists. Having already donated to one local public school, and still being a small, growing startup, Squareframe is looking for an early partnership with an existing organization with the potential to impact a greater range of schools. 

“I would like to put out a call to existing organizations, no matter how small or big, supporting arts education in schools and looking for support to reach out about possible partnerships or assistance we may be able to provide. When we find the right people and organizations doing great things for arts programs in our local public schools, we will commit to that organization’s mission as best we can!” Stephen said. 

Squareframe’s focus is to conveniently and affordably frame photos of people’s lives and art – providing something tangible that can be held in your hands. With the growing digital and cloud-based culture that is increasingly reliant on a screen to view or experience, Squareframe believes there is still value in having framed prints of your life or art placed by your bedside, office desk, or on your living room wall for view. And with the busyness of life today, people are finding less and less time to print and frame their photos themselves – thus, Squareframe was born.

We feel that Squareframe’s focus on providing tangible framed photos was a natural connection to the tangible artwork produced by students in their art classes and displayed through the schools’ hallways and students’ homes. We’ve started supporting local elementary schools locally where we can, but would love to partner with existing organizations equipped to make the most meaningful and significant impact”

Squareframe is a small startup launched in January 2018 and relaunched in December 2018 to offer a lower priced and more straightforward photo framing option to the existing online framing market. Starting at just $20, Squareframe offers framing for square 4×4, 5×5, and 8×8 inch photo print and rectangular 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10 inch photo prints in only five high-quality colors and stains. Frames are made of sustainable New Zealand pine wood, UV filter acrylic glass, and acid-free paper matting, and ship to anywhere in the continental United States for a $5 flat rate.

Stephen P. Smith

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